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Nedbank Internet Banking Login

Nedbank internet banking:

As the largest and cheapest bank in South Africa, Nedbank provides many banking facilities like personal banking, digital banking and business banking. The bank offers the less expensive residential loans for their clients. Nedbank has numerous bank branches across many cities in South Africa. The bank provides internet banking facilities for 24 hours. Every registered customer can use this service to access their online banking facilities. The bank has a variety of security features for providing maximum security. You can manage your account with simplicity and safely with the help of online banking. But before obtaining these facilities you have to register for this service.


Nedbank internet banking registration or sign up process:

You can access the online banking facilities if you have a profile number, PIN and Password. These initial requirements can be collected if you have applied or registered for the Nedbank internet banking service. You can apply for registration by calling or visiting the nearest local bank. The bank will supply you an application form and ask you to fill up all the necessary information that help them to complete registration process. Then the application form will be sent to the bank’s concerned department. If the bank allows your application form, you will be given a unique login ID and a password to login your particular accounts. Thus you can complete the registration process and find the cost and charges on various banking facilities like credit cards, home loans, personal loans etc.



How to login for Nedbank internet banking:

Nedbank internet banking login : Ned bank provides various services through the Nedbank internet banking service. Using this service you can operate your account easily and safely. To log on for this service, you have to:

  • Go to User Login option.
  • Write down your Profile Number.
  • Write down your PIN Number.
  • Write down your Password.
  • Then press into “Logon” button.


Nedbank Internet Banking Security option:

The Nedbank online banking provides the highest security measure for the safety of their clients. To ensure your account safety you can follow some necessary steps when using online banking.

  • Make sure that you are using the Nedbank internet banking website. Check whether the URL begins with “https” instead of “http”.
  • Ensure the privacy of your Profile number, PIN number and Password.
  • The bank authority will never ask you to give your mobile number when access internet banking.
  • Don’t give your PIN and password number to anybody.
  • After browsing online banking, make sure you log off your account.
  • Nedbank has created a unique security code which will be sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone device.
  • Try to check your account on a regular basis for any unauthorized entries.


You can get detailed information about online internet banking security on the logon page. In the log on page there is a link named “Online Security”.

You can also Contact the Nedbank contact center by calling at: 0860 555 111 or +27 11 710 4000 (International access)